#1 Carry On Hard Case Luggage With Laptop Access

Having traveled the world for nearly four years pretty well continuously, we have become experts on functional, stylish, and practical luggage. I’ve been through many a bag, backpack, knapsack, suitcase, and rolling bag. And the quest has continued to find the most practical lightweight bag that suits both Exploramum and Explorason. We’ve found that the […]

The secret to successful packing

The secret to successful packing We are excited !! Our Eagle Creek packing cubes have arrived. If you have not used Packing Cubes in the past, well let me tell you, they are an organized traveler’s secret. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes We’ve been traveling the world for two years now, and life is pretty amazing. […]

Packing checklist – the general preparation

Packing checklist to go overseas on your lifetime trip! Start early – and I mean way early – start your packing now! Seriously – if you can put away what you think each of you will wear on the trip, then you will have new items you won’t be tired of wearing all the time, […]