Easter Sunday in Republic of Ireland

Easter Sunday in the Republic of Ireland We have been house-sitting on a small country property just our of an even smaller country village, in a small country called – Ireland (Republic of Ireland)  for 4 weeks now. Last Easter we were in South America.  Wow, we have come a long way on this world […]

Easter Bunny in Banos – Bus Trip To Guayaquil Ecuador

We wake up on Easter Sunday morning in Banos as we prepare for our bus trip to Guayaquil. Easter Eggs Easter eggs are not readily sold in stores in Ecuador so ‘Easter Bunny’ has had a challenging time. Also, the fact that this single Mum has a child always present as a parent this makes […]

Bus to Banos from Quito Ecuador – Easter

Bus to Banos from Quito Ecuador – Easter It is Easter Friday and we are going to be heading off on a bus to Banos. I am up at 4:45 a.m. all thanks to people arriving and leaving all night at our hotel. But I let my son sleep in and we leave after 6:30 a.m […]