Easter Bunny in Banos – Bus Trip To Guayaquil Ecuador

We wake up on Easter Sunday morning in Banos as we prepare for our bus trip to Guayaquil. Easter Eggs Easter eggs are not readily sold in stores in Ecuador so ‘Easter Bunny’ has had a challenging time. Also, the fact that this single Mum has a child always present as a parent this makes […]

Banos Ecuador Inexpensive Adventure Town

Today sees us on another Chivas Bus Truck as we seek some local inexpensive adventure time. We had to wait as the first one was sold out. We get collected late for this one – walking there with a guide to the Chiva. On arrival at the Chiva, 50 crazed people dash into it and they […]

Banos Ecuador Chiva Truck Bus to The Volcano

Banos Ecuador Chiva Truck Bus A Chiva Truck Bus is fun – at least for a single-parent family like ours here in Banos that is. Ours had disco music and flashing lights! We met a lovely couple from Quito and they speak English – thank goodness as we had no idea what was going on. […]

Bus to Banos from Quito Ecuador – Easter

Bus to Banos from Quito Ecuador – Easter It is Easter Friday and we are going to be heading off on a bus to Banos. I am up at 4:45 a.m. all thanks to people arriving and leaving all night at our hotel. But I let my son sleep in and we leave after 6:30 a.m […]

Guacamayo Ecolodge Cuyabeno Amazon Jungle

After our early night, we are ready to leave the Amazon jungle and this is Day 5.  It has been a long few days. Birdwatching in the Amazon jungle We join the others at the bird watching tower after breakfast. This birdwatching tower is not a place to leave children unattended as it has a very […]

Toilet Times – Interesting Bathrooms Around The World #1

Toilet Times Interesting bathrooms around the world – #1 Toilet Times in Peru Toilet – well a hole in the floor. Floating Reed Islands off Copacabana, Peru. Local luxury travel experts would definitely warn you of all the accommodations that have such poor unhygienic utilities. Try avoiding such risks as your health is more important than […]