Staying with a Local Family and Isla Taquile Peru

Our day is action-packed as we head from Isla Amantani to Isla Taquile and back to Puno. Sickness I have a migraine that has kept me awake all night. Though sickness might spoil your plans, do not let it spoil your day or night. Isla Taquile Thanks to altitude sickness, I get to see an amazing […]

Floating Islands of Uros Local Family Stay Amantani Island

Today we are off to the Floating Islands of Uros. We wake up at 5:00 am., pack up our room, store things downstairs, eat breakfast, and take a backpack each with us on our adventure. Tour Scam At 7:00 a.m. I am still haggling prices of our tour with a sub-agent for Escandinavia Travel who […]