Need A Holiday? How About The Maldives?

AirAsia is having a sale

on flights to the Maldives.

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Travel in Sep – Nov/17. AirAsia is a budget airline, so bags + meals are extra.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it unfortunately means the sale has ended.

Perth to the Maldives Flights $445 Return.

Depart Return
13/Nov 20/Nov $445 View Flight
16/Nov 20/Nov $445 View Flight
10/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight
11/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight
08/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight
12/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight
01/Nov 08/Nov $464 View Flight
07/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight
02/Nov 08/Nov $464 View Flight
06/Nov 20/Nov $464 View Flight

Melbourne to the Maldives Flights $551 Return.

Depart Return
31/Oct 09/Nov $551 View Flight
13/Sep 21/Sep $551 View Flight
31/Oct 08/Nov $551 View Flight
13/Sep 20/Sep $551 View Flight
31/Oct 07/Nov $551 View Flight
31/Oct 15/Nov $551 View Flight
13/Sep 15/Sep $551 View Flight
31/Oct 20/Nov $551 View Flight
11/Oct 07/Nov $551 View Flight
10/Oct 07/Nov $551 View Flight

Gold Coast to the Maldives Flights $556 Return.

Depart Return
11/Sep 21/Sep $556 View Flight
31/Oct 09/Nov $556 View Flight
31/Oct 07/Nov $556 View Flight
31/Oct 16/Nov $556 View Flight
11/Sep 14/Sep $556 View Flight
13/Nov 16/Nov $556 View Flight
10/Oct 07/Nov $556 View Flight
09/Oct 07/Nov $556 View Flight
10/Oct 09/Nov $556 View Flight
09/Oct 09/Nov $556 View Flight

Sydney to the Maldives Flights $572 Return.

Depart Return
30/Oct 09/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 08/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 07/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 06/Nov $572 View Flight
15/Nov 21/Nov $572 View Flight
15/Nov 20/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 15/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 16/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 20/Nov $572 View Flight
30/Oct 21/Nov $572 View Flight

Flights to the Maldives – All Other Departure Cities.

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