Need A Holiday? Flights to Vietnam from $83 Return

Vietnam was incredible for me when we went there last year.  Have you been yet? I remember the friendliness of the people really touching my heart. If you go, I wonder what you will remember?

You can read about our adventures here.

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Flights to Vietnam from $83 Return

Jetstar is having a sale on flights to Vietnam.

Lots of different travel dates depending on your departure city.

Click the links below to see all the flights. We have also provided some sample dates, click them and once the search has completed you can change the dates.

These prices won’t last long – usually a few days but sometimes much shorter. If you click the sample dates and the prices have gone up it, unfortunately, means the sale has ended.

Darwin to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $83 Return.

Depart Return
01/Feb 07/Feb $83 View Flight
08/Mar 14/Mar $83 View Flight
15/Mar 21/Mar $83 View Flight
29/Jan 07/Feb $83 View Flight
12/Mar 21/Mar $83 View Flight
03/Feb 07/Feb $83 View Flight
17/Mar 21/Mar $83 View Flight
27/Jan 07/Feb $83 View Flight
04/Feb 07/Feb $83 View Flight
08/Mar 11/Mar $83 View Flight

Perth to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $109 Return.

Depart Return
04/Feb 08/Feb $109 View Flight
04/Feb 07/Feb $109 View Flight
04/Feb 06/Feb $109 View Flight
04/Feb 07/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 08/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 12/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 14/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 15/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 21/Mar $126 View Flight
04/Feb 22/Mar $126 View Flight

Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $283 Return.

Depart Return
05/Nov 03/Feb $283 View Flight
31/Oct 06/Nov $290 View Flight
22/May 01/Jun $290 View Flight
22/May 04/Jun $290 View Flight
03/Dec 18/Dec $290 View Flight
03/Nov 10/Nov $291 View Flight
31/Oct 08/Nov $291 View Flight
02/Nov 10/Nov $291 View Flight
03/Nov 11/Nov $291 View Flight
05/Nov 13/Nov $291 View Flight

Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $306 Return.

Depart Return
22/Nov 30/Nov $306 View Flight
30/Oct 19/Nov $306 View Flight
30/Oct 07/Nov $307 View Flight
01/Nov 09/Nov $307 View Flight
04/Nov 12/Nov $307 View Flight
06/Nov 14/Nov $307 View Flight
08/Nov 16/Nov $307 View Flight
13/Nov 21/Nov $307 View Flight
20/Nov 28/Nov $307 View Flight
25/Nov 03/Dec $307 View Flight

Adelaide to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $420 Return.

Depart Return
05/Mar 13/Mar $420 View Flight
05/Mar 15/Mar $420 View Flight
05/Mar 16/Mar $420 View Flight
26/Feb 13/Mar $420 View Flight
05/Mar 20/Mar $420 View Flight
26/Feb 15/Mar $420 View Flight
26/Feb 16/Mar $420 View Flight
05/Mar 17/Mar $449 View Flight
26/Feb 17/Mar $449 View Flight
26/Feb 11/Mar $458 View Flight

Brisbane to Ho Chi Minh City Flights $425 Return.

Depart Return
20/Oct 25/Oct $425 View Flight
19/Oct 25/Oct $425 View Flight
01/Aug 08/Aug $445 View Flight
08/Aug 15/Aug $445 View Flight
15/Aug 22/Aug $445 View Flight
22/Aug 29/Aug $445 View Flight
03/Aug 11/Aug $445 View Flight
10/Aug 18/Aug $445 View Flight
17/Aug 25/Aug $445 View Flight
25/Aug 02/Sep $445 View Flight

Flights to Ho Chi Minh City – All Other Departure Cities.

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