How Helping Children In Uganda Influences My Child’s Education

We have been asked many times about how we educate when we travel.

Education comes in many forms, and previously Explorason has talked about how ‘The world is my classroom‘ in an incredible article featured by Discavo, in their Travel Magazine.

We have been in remote Uganda partnering with In The Field Ministries. During this time Explorason decided he WANTED to go to the local school.

So in our latest Discavo article, I share How helping children in Uganda influences my child’s education.

You can read it by clicking on the link here that takes you directly to the Discavo Travel Magazine article.

We hope you enjoy reading this, and it inspires you in many ways as Explorason learns and shares some love with other children whose needs are far greater than his own.

Below is an extract from the Discavo Travel Magazine article …

… ” The greatest lesson learned

These children are happy with nothing. They have no toys. Most sleep in a single room mud hut with no electricity, and they certainly don’t have the latest technology.

A rich family would own a bike, not a flash car, but they are so happy. Laughter fills the air – he learns to love and have fun – not because of what he owns, but from what he can give from within.

I think this is one of the most important lessons in life a child can learn – what do YOU think? “


2 thoughts on “How Helping Children In Uganda Influences My Child’s Education

    • Thanks for the comment Zorana – I so agree – there are so many wealthy that have so much, and only think about their own needs. If it was all shared about how different the world would be. Educating the poor on hygiene and stating with the children is a great way we can change the world.

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