New house-sitting site

New house-sitting site,
We have been traveling close to two years now, and when we started getting ready for this trip we decided to start house-sitting.
Firstly it was for friends.  Our first house-sit was for a couple in Unley, Adelaide who went overseas.
We then house-sat several times, and even house-sat in our very same street on the last week we left Adelaide – just 3 doors up, whilst the couple went to Perth.
This was perfect, as it was right when we were in the final stages of settlement and enabled me to empty and clean the home – all within a block of where we lived.
By then we were ready to leave Australia.
So our first country destination once we left Sydney was, in fact, Fiji, and we enjoyed a lovely house-sit on an island there, right on a hill overlooking the beach.
It was the most memorable to date.
Since then we have house-sat in several countries all over the world, and as I type this we are – yes – house-sitting!
I have used a few different house-sit sites that I found on the computer, but just recently I was really impressed with a new and unique site I have now joined.  So I wanted to share it all with you.
HousesitMatch began as an idea between two friends one based in Perth Western Australia, the other in the home counties in the UK.
These long-standing friends had traveled widely and housesat along the way, to make their travel more affordable.
As a commercial enterprise HousesitMatch aims to create a social network where home and pet owners can meet sitters online, operating internationally across many countries.
Sitters secure free accommodation in exchange for the care and maintenance of the property and pets of the homeowners.
And homeowners are able to travel away on holiday with peace of mind knowing a responsible sitter that they have chosen will be taking care of things in their absence.
It’s a win-win arrangement.
What is special about HousesitMatch is the attention to detail, with legal templates prepared by lawyers in each country (UK and Australia, others in preparation) to enable owners and sitters to prepare for and formalize agreements and arrangements between them should that be necessary?
HousesitMatch also offers a scalable service.
Use of the website facilities is also flexible, the smallest ads and subscription enables users to run a do-it-yourself arrangement, meeting other sitters or owners and making their arrangements independently.
Otherwise, a more personal service is offered for Premium customers, where the administrators at HousesitMatch can help to suggest the best and most appropriate selections.
Premium Service 
Some clients, especially homeowners, prefer to be taken by the hand and the process managed for them in the Premium package.
More individual discussions are possible regarding each particular assignment.
This can be very helpful when there are more involved arrangements with large estates or properties, and several or more mature pets in the household.
There have been successful matches in the UK, Australia, France, and Spain already.
New countries across Europe are now coming on stream and properties are being discussed as far afield as Qatar!

Questions and Comments

  • What’s your take on a housesitting match?
  • Ever tried housesitting before?
  • How did it work for you?
  • Do share your comments with us below.


    1. Suzanne – it is great, but you do need a good house-sit site with all the fine details sorted. You might be worth trying this site. The way it is set up is very professional and they don’t charge for you to list either.

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