Motivating and encouraging others

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Motivating and Encouraging Others


Being at the right place at the right time – Valentine’s Day

Night 8 of our Florida Road Trip

We left Legoland and head out to find a restaurant to eat at.

We had asked at the Information Centre there and the dear lady sent us to a pizza place.

When we entered, the youngest person was 75 in the shade, and the chairs all had wheels on them and a floral pattern. Made me laugh.  “No,” says Explorason.

So we go to a Chateau. Booked out and very pricey. Then they send us to a dive. We drive on. We get lost, and we try an Italian romantic place. Way too formal for us, and packed.  Oh dear, we are needing dinner.  So we then get told to try Manny’s.  The car park is choc-o-block.  The vehicles spill over the road, and we decide to try for a drink anyway. The hostess is obviously so flustered. She is rechecking reservations and is already 2 hours behind on them. We don’t have a hope and we don’t know where to go.

So we ask some people outside having drinks by their car.

To my amazement, this is a message I got today from one of them about that night.  I hope they don’t mind me sharing with you….

“I’ve been meaning to share a story for a few days…

On Valentine’s Day, I went to Manny’s in Lake Wales with C, B, & M and we had almost a 2-hour wait, even though we made a reservation.

While we were waiting, a lady & her 8-year-old son walked up & asked just an ordinary question, wondering if there were any other places around to eat at, since they were from Australia.

Well, that one question she asked, turned into about a 20-minute conversation between the 6 of us, & this lady and her son are currently traveling the world, and living their lives to the fullest, and she made a big impact in my life in those short 20 minutes.

God places everyone in your life for a reason, whether it’s just a relationship, friendship, or just a one-time thing.

Well, I added her on Facebook as she was standing there talking to us, because I wanted to know more about her traveling, & on the way home the 4 of us talked about how we would never forget those 2 amazing people.

SO just remember every person that walks in or out of your life happens for a reason, & God has a plan for everyone in your life.

Tomorrow will be a week I’ve known Exploramum & Explorason, and I have already talked to her quite a lot… because she is on a mission to help anyone she can, & she currently is being an awesome role model for me at the moment, by letting me know everything is going to be okay.

Feel free to check out her page ( & how she and her boy are currently living & loving their lives at the moment – even though she, I’m sure, has been through many bumps in the road.

As she has given me Aussie hugs, I will give her my American hugs and let her know that all of us Americans aren’t as bad as other countries think we are LOL.”

We finished meeting these lovely people, and they handed us money for our dinner which completely blessed and surprised us. We went away and found a lovely affordable and nice place to eat.

We met another couple as we sat there, who are now also Facebook friends.

That night as we ate our dinner we felt so happy. We had met just the loveliest people!!!!

©Exploramum and Explorason


Vanessa from South Africa wrote to me and said:

“It’s people like you that help me keep my faith in humans. I love your wonderful soul. Thank you for being in my life”.



A-M.T. from Adelaide, Australia wrote on our Facebook:

“You inspire me to be a better Mum and person. Keep up the adventure of a lifetime.”



KK from Flagstaff Hill, Australia emailed me this:

“Exploramum is a fantastic tool when traveling. So full of information. Especially great for traveling with kids and wanting to give them a learning experience. Also great with tips to not spend a fortune. Not to mention very entertaining to read!  We used lots of tips from the blog when traveling through Southern California and Hawaii.”



F. McA. from Victoria, Scotland added this to our Facebook page:

“OMG, your pictures are amazing to look at, thanks for the inspiration to travel. I plan to travel in the future.”



S.M. from Victoria, Australia commented on our Facebook page:

“Have just been exploring your page. Thank you so much for going out and doing the things you want to do! You’re an inspiration!”



P.M. from New Mexico messaged me on Facebook

“Your kind words and advice really helped me. I am so grateful to you.
I admire you so much. I love reading your posts on Facebook. I hope to be traveling again, so love reading all about your journey.  Bless you: and you are a true friend!”



I received this message from my son’s previous private School Principal:

“Great to hear of your adventures, a unique opportunity for you both – no classroom could ever do what you are doing!”



I received this Facebook message from ASL

“I saw a post of yours on the “House Sitting World” Facebook group, which led me to your blog. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I just wanted to say how inspiring you and your boy are. I’m also a single parent, to a 13-year-old daughter, and we’ve also traveled quite extensively and for many years. Although we haven’t done very much house sitting, yet, I do love your story and your energy. Thanks and all the best.”



I received this Facebook message from APM

“Thank you so much for posting about all your wonderful house sits!  Following your adventures, encouraged us to start to apply for house sitting opportunities for our trip across Europe.  We have now scheduled two for our forthcoming months – one in France and one in the UK!”  Thanks to you Exploramum, APM



I received this Facebook message from Xabelina V

“You are my ‘go to gal’ when I think of what I REALLY want to do in life.  When I lose sight of my dream and think it is out of reach, I think of YOU EXPLORAMUM!! And you pull me back to work!”



I received this Facebook message from S. Foster

I came across this blog through a friend’s post on Facebook.
My husband, son and I have been traveling the US (we are from here) for the past three years.
Reading Exploramum’s blog, and seeing firsthand her bravery and extreme flexibility in visiting places I probably would have been scared to visit with my husband, inspired me greatly.
As well, I love seeing her and her son’s giving spirit, spreading goodness and kindness all along the way.
We are planning our first trip this summer to Europe. This blog and Facebook posts have me knowing that I have nothing to fear.
So excited for this next adventure.
Keep inspiring us please Exploramum!!!


I received this Facebook message from &

Hi Exploramum,
As a previous single mom (I have 3 sons and I raised my eldest son alone for 10 years).
I like to compliment you with your way of thinking and your way of life, I share those and did the same.
I hope it will inspire others to do the same.
Keep tuned!


I received this Facebook message from Amber R.

Ummm,  I hope this isn’t weird but you’re on my vision board – I made it about 5 months ago and googled single mom with kids traveling – this awesome pic came up so it made the board because you guys looked so happy & I wanted to hit Asia with my kid! then when I saw you respond to this post, I realized it was you!



I received this Facebook message from M. Gaia.  I have never met this person.

 I love you both, and am so glad to be sharing your experiences, even if only in your beautiful pictures. You have given hope back to me and just that simple act of belief that things will be better have made things become better! Thank you.
You are inspirational to so many. Thank you for being such a blessing to so many. Thank you for being you.



I received this Facebook message from K.Chinook of Australia

I have been reading the ‘Exploramum & Explorason’ blog for over 9 months.  I truly find the posts to be awe, inspiring, written like you are right there & life changing.  I found this blog while encountering a particularly challenging time in my life, & my marriage.  Exploramum has always been available with sensible & inspiring advice.

She is truly the most generous person I have encountered on the net. Her ability to break down a massive task into bite-size pieces keeps me on track, & moving forward – all while being completely honest.
I feel like Exploramum is with me whenever I need her.  She is my ‘go to advice person’, as I know she will give me the truth always.
Exploramum has helped me change my life.  We are on our own plan – to start traveling & world schooling our son.  So her advice, support & love has been so appreciated.  Because I have at times felt crazy for upending our very comfortable life & financially very rewarding job, to make our way into the unknown.  But I feel strong because I do not feel alone.
Exploramum has given a gift to my family.  One that has more worth than any treasure – TIME!
I look forward to reading their adventures, & making our plans, knowing that soon enough it will be us. Thank you for all that you have given us.
I do not have the words to fully express my gratitude to you, so please take ‘thank you’, & know it comes from our hearts.
Hungry seller in Africa
©Exploramum and Explorason – we decided to help the sellers who were not selling in Africa – some had not sold anything in days, and our friends on Facebook even chipped in.

Questions and Comments

  • How would you define happiness?
  • What inspires you?
  • How do you take comments from others?
  • Do share your comments with us below.


  1. You are two of The most amazing people.
    You have inspired me in so many ways. What you are doing is truly unbelievable !!!!
    I love following your blog, and everyday can’t wait to read your experience, what your doing, where you are – it’s all do exciting.
    I’m sure there are so many people that feel the same way as me.
    Keep having fun, stay safe and I look forward to more of your exciting adventures
    Cheers Marg

  2. Thanks for all your help.
    I really struggled with the thought should I or should I not embark on a journey to see the world as a single mum with a small child. Thank you girl, for proving me it can be done 🙂
    Writing down plans and dreams as of right now!!! Hope to start packing soon.

    1. Barbara – I look forward to reading your blog – am so glad you are going to embark on your life changing journey soon! I’m here any time you need motivation- you are a great single Mum 🙂

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