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Why Train Travel In Europe Is Perfect For Families

Snow capped mountains swish by in the distance as I gaze out of the train window.  Here I sit in First Class style, sipping my cappuccino coffee and nibbling on complimentary snacks as our Italian train zooms at nearly 200 k.m.p.h. This is the perfect way to travel! Over the past two months, we have […]

Every Traveller Needs A Pair Of German Slippers This Christmas

Win a pair of German Slippers ENTER HERE We have arrived in Europe and we are heading to Germany!   We visited here two years ago, and can’t wait to explore Germany this winter.   So we are thinking of packing, and all the important items we will need for our trip. I’m sure you […]

How To Protect From Credit Card Thieves

Today I woke to the news my Facebook friend Jodie (who is currently in exotic Barbados) has had her Debit Card funds ‘cleaned out’ or stolen from her bank account.  Her first comment is that “but my card is still safely in my wallet”. How did this happen? I remember all too well that a […]

Ladies, Let’s Get Packing For Your Cruise

Australia is cold and wintery right now, and is experiencing a bitterly cold season. So we’re thinking that either a cruise, or a trip to a warmer destination like one of the Pacific or Caribbean Islands, the Mediterranean, or maybe even S.E. Asia, might just be next on our agenda. But when it is chilly, […]

Keep Confident When Travelling

Whether you are a younger or older adult, incontinence can should not interfere with your travel plans.  No-one wants to miss a plane being caught in the airport bathroom. Nor is it fun to walk around all day with your jacket tied around your waist. You might be a busy Mum who has recently experienced […]

#1 Carry On Hard Case Luggage With Laptop Access

Having travelled the world for nearly four years pretty well continuously, we have become experts on functional, stylish, and practical luggage. I’ve been through many a bag, backpack, knapsack, suitcase, and rolling bag. And the quest has continued to find the most practical lightweight bag that suits both Exploramum and Explorason. We’ve found that the […]

Tips and Tricks for your next Travel Trip

Remember the folding travel clock? The tick-tock as the second hand moves around. The tingling alarm. The dread as you realise you forgot to set the alarm; or worse, you forgot to wind it up! And you missed your flight! How times have changed, and as we travel long-term, we find what we take with […]

Ten Tips for Travelling with a Ten Year-Old

Being a parent isn’t an easy job, especially when you’re doing it on 2 hours sleep and trying to navigate a foreign city! Here’s a few things to think about when you want to get the most out of travelling with a ten year-old (or any kids!). Top Ten Tips for Travelling with a Ten […]

Experiencing Baroque Brukenthal Palace Romania

It is with sad regret said good-bye to all our new Romania friends we met over the New Year period at Biertan.  Meeting such lovely people has been a delight, but saying farewell, and never knowing if we shall see them again is one of the hardest parts of travel.  Romania has proven to be a surprise […]

I get a new camera for Christmas

YAY – finally I get a new camera, and it is just in time for Christmas ! It is a SONY Cyber-shot DSC-HX200V Camera from Media Galaxy in Brasov, Romania. We walked into Media Galaxy and it was packed with customers. All around people were madly Christmas shopping. It seems to be the same the world […]

The Travelers Perfect Packing List

By Sponsored Post It’s true that when you first begin nomadic travels as a family, you are bound to over pack. As the days, weeks, months (and sometimes years) go by…you more seriously evaluate how often you use each item in your pack, and how essential it is. Is it worth hauling?  Is it worth packing […]

The secret to successful packing

The secret to successful packing We are excited !! Look what we just received !!! A box of packing cubes thanks to Eagle Creek. If you have not used Packing Cubes in the past, well let me tell you, they are the secret of the organised traveller. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes We’ve been travelling the […]

Enjo Travel Facial Cleaning Cloth

Enjo Travel Facial Cleaning Cloth We have been traveling nearly 2 years in many countries all over the world. At first I carried a load of cosmetics and toiletries.  Eye make-up remover and facial cleanser, cotton pads and balls, and a face cloth too. Then I was sent an Enjo facial micro fibre cloth for […]

Look 10 years younger while travelling

Look 10 years younger while travelling A few weeks ago when I was in USA, I was messaging my friend Laura who lives in Canada on Facebook about my travels. I was mentioning that even though travelling made me feel fantastic, there are things about me that are looking less than fantastic – in particular […]