​Fun Times. Exploring Family Friendly Gran Canaria

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Fun Times. Exploring Family Friendly Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria sits approximately 130 miles off the coast of West Africa and this perfectly round-shaped island is the third largest in the Canaries.

All of the islands have their own character, of course, but this will be the place to come if you’re looking for a family friendly destination.

And how could it not be? Warm temperatures, gorgeous beaches and high-quality attractions that will delight the family —what’s not to like?


A different class

Sixty kilometres of coastline say you’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches (hooray!).

Many visitors stay close to their resort beaches, but you don’t need to travel far to discover a new stretch of sand.

Puerto Rico beach is probably the most popular on the island and is a lively, sweeping bay with a nice promenade full of little shops and restaurants (double hooray!).

Maspalomas is the island’s most famous beach, thanks to those immense dunes, while Anfi del Mar’s white sands could easily fool you into thinking that you’ve arrived in the Caribbean by mistake (which is no bad thing!).

Relax on the beach

Exploramum and Explorason – Relaxing on the beach


The kids’ favourite

So you’re planning to spend some nice, easy days on the beach once you step off the plane from one of the many flights to Tenerife?

Well, good luck with that: the kids will have other ideas when they see the theme parks on the island!

There’s the Aqualand, featuring 33 slides and 13 different attractions, or you can spend a day watching Wild West gun fights at Sioux City.

Head down to Cocodrilo Park and visit the chimpanzees,

Bengal tigers and 300 crocodiles or explore the sub-tropical oasis at Palmitos Park.

If the kids are looking for even more exhilaration the roller-coasters (hold on!) and the 27 metre high Ferris wheel at the Holiday World funfair are sure to hit the right note.

Fun with the dolphins

Exploramum and Explorason – Fun with the Dolphins


Explore the capital

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is beautiful, historic and dates back to 1478.

The cathedral there took the small matter of 400 years to complete. Children and adult will love exploring this city, especially the Old Town, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.

Bustling and vibrant, it’s full of traditional and modern restaurants, tapas bars and funky boutiques.

Explore the three markets, take a horse drawn buggy ride through the centre, visit the museums or simply enjoy the mix of friendly locals and tourists in this fun port city.

Exploring the city

Exploramum and Explorason – Exploring the City

There’s a lot to explore, a lot to enjoy, on this island.

It could just be the reason why tourists flock to Gran Canaria in their millions each year.

This family friendly destination offers something new every day.

That’s if you can tear yourselves away from the beach that is.

Don’t worry, the kids will take care of that!

Images by j0shwwarby and Berto Garcia, used under Creative Commons licence.

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