Look 10 years younger while travelling

Look 10 years younger while travelling

A few weeks ago when I was in USA, I was messaging my friend Laura who lives in Canada on Facebook about my travels.

I was mentioning that even though travelling made me feel fantastic, there are things about me that are looking less than fantastic – in particular my skin.  A side effect of long term travel is the exposure to all sorts of extreme conditions, all kinds of travel modes, long journeys in buses, planes and trains, and a general lack of access to good skincare.  So I was having a good old complain about being a hagged looking 52 year old single travelling Mum.

So it was a lovely surprise when I arrived at our house-sit in Ireland to see she had send me a product to try – Skincerity.

So here I am in Ireland receiving a great package of Skincerity. I’m in no way getting any kickbacks or payment for writing this article, I am doing it because I think Laura is onto something fantastic, and as a traveller I need all the help I can get!  So in a few weeks I’m going to be loading up photos of a more fabulous me!

In the meantime, here is how Laura feels about Skincerity.  Laura explains it all really well. Please also contact her (details at base of this blog)  if you want further details of any kind.

“I have discovered a fabulous product!  And I love what it has done for my skin already – I feel like I have had a facelift without having to go under the knife.  And who doesn’t want to look 10 years younger?  Skincerity, my little magic in a bottle as I call it, has proven results.”

Skincerity Nightly Breathable Barrier® is the world’s only patented breathable masque that dramatically improves your skin without changing your regimen. It is a simple-to-use real medical breakthrough that dramatically improves the health, appearance, softness, and tone of your skin with visible results in just days! 

Simply put, Skincerity Nightly Breathable Barrier is a miracle masque that:

  • Improves your favourite products – no need to change your routine
  • Breathes – allows essential, healthy oxygen to reach your skin
  • Takes just a minute to apply – rolls on as liquid and dries in seconds
  • Belongs in your medicine cabinet as well as your cosmetics counter

Skincerity Is The Perfect Solution – Just Roll It On…

Skincerity is a perfect solution for sun damaged skin, acne, common rashes, itching, exzema, psoriasis, warts, scars, skin tags, stretch marks, insect bites and many other known skin conditions. Developed from National Institutes of Health grant funding, Skincerity is not a cover-up or cosmetic. It is a genuine health care product. You don’t feel or smell it – you experience it!

Skincerity is a one-step product that that produces extraordinary results for both women and men. Each night when you roll-on it on, you can be assured that you are producing healthier, younger-looking skin based on real medical science. Tested and proven in medical school studies and recommended by board certified dermatologists, Skincerity is a skin-health technology that creates healthy, beautiful skin in a dramatic new way!

This mask is applied in the evening before you go to sleep and is suitable for all skin types and daily usage.  Simply apply Skincerity to a clean face and/or clean skin!  Or apply to your current treatment routine, to amplify whatever you are using at the moment!  Skincerity locks in what you have applied on your face for the night!  The product begs to be demonstrated!

It is so safe, it can be used on babies only 4 days old!


What is Skincerity made of?

In Skincerity, the acetone serves 3 purposes:

  1. Prepare, clean and turn the liquid into a masque when the liquid is rolled on
  2. Keeps bacteria from growing in the bottle since the roller ball rotates on the skin and then goes back into the bottle
  3. Evaporates in 2 to 4 seconds so that small, skin-healthy micro-porous breathing holes are created

When I apply Skincerity on, there is a strong scent that you smell.  That scent disappears within 3 seconds.  In the first couple of days of application, you may even have to hold your breath or close your eyes, but you will get used to it very quickly.  As soon as the Acetone flash dries (absolutely none of it is absorbed by your skin), the fumes disappear within seconds, the scent converts to the fragrance of Green Apples!  It smells wonderful!

You will feel an instant tightening of your skin.  To get the best benefits, I make sure to cover all areas of my face and neck with Skincerity.  I start at my forehead and by the time I get to my neck, the masque is dry on the forehead and I put the second application on.  It’s like painting…the first coat you put on may not cover the wall perfectly, but with a second coat you know any missed areas will all be covered evenly.  Skincerity technology tightens up and holds your facial skin in place.  I like to apply it when I lay down to sleep, take a few deep breaths, relax and apply!  Pull your hair back, because it’s a bit difficult to remove from your hair as it coats each strand.

Although not recommended to go near your eyes, I rolled Skincerity on top of my upper eyelids to give me an eye lift!!  Amazing results.

But the most shocking results came from rolling Skincerity on my cracked throbbing heels.  For one month, every night I applied two applications of Skincerity on each heel and my callouses have literally disappeared.  And that was over six months ago.  Now I only use it two times a week!

So to remove the masque, in the morning, splash your face with water, and with a wet face cloth, gently begin to rub down starting from the forehead.  For me, the first 4 days of removing the masque was difficult.  I was told by my friend that the reason for that was because Skincerity is a very intelligent product.  It adheres to the most damaged or dehydrated part of your skin, but as your skin begins to repair itself, by hydrating and balancing, the masque became so easy to remove and I can now almost remove it by peeling it off in one large chunk.

This core technology, developed with National Institutes of Health funding, harnessing the “Magic of Acetone” uses this dermatology cleansing agent to help produce hydrated, healthy and younger looking skin.

The ingredients used in Skincerity are of the same purity and quality as used in dermatology practices.

 Check out the other four products this company carries.  They are water based non scented luxurious products with beautiful dramatic results!  For more product information and to purchase product, click on www.mynucerity.biz/laurafox.  If you want to get this product at wholesale, please contact me directly at mlfox@telus.net.  Nucerity products are only sold by independent distributors.

It can be used with any products you already use (night cream).  Their other products (and let me tell you I have used a lot of products and very expensive products) are fabulous!  Particularly the peptide plus moisturiser!  All their products are water based and truly show results!

The company also has some amazing deals on right now, and you can check those out on the Nucerity Central website under the “Get Your New Enrolees Off To A Right Start”.

Just a little note on the company…Nucerity International develops and distributes unique products that meet the demanding standards of the professional community as well as the needs of a shifting population. They produce first-to-market technologies that create new consumer categories in multi-billion dollar market.

Nucerity’s executive management team – all visionary entrepreneurs – has a history of successfully developing medical practices, launching strong retail brands, facilitating aggressive international expansion, and adapting distribution to meet the needs of divergent products in the global marketplace.

Skincerity is available for purchase at:  www.mynucerity.biz/laurafox

Interactive website:  www.nuceritycentral.com – CHECK OUT THE CONTEST ON RIGHT NOW!!


Oh – and this is an update – I found that removing Skincerity was ever so much easier using my Enjoy Facial Travel Cloth.  

You can read about them here at Exploramum: http://exploramum.com/2014/04/enjo-travel-facial-cleaning-cloth.html



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  1. Every morning after removing Skincerity, I feel as though I had a facial!! Not only does my skin look fabulous, I love the fact that I can do this business globally and will be leaving my traditional j-o-b by the end of this year!

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