Blarney Church Ireland; a coming together of churches


Blarney Church Ireland, and a coming together of churches

I had been in Ireland for over a week, and one of the reasons I have stayed around in the Cork area is because I was invited to share at an International Day of Prayer.

This is to be held in the Blarney Church, but what is great about this lovely restored and functional building, is the fact that it joins with other churches in the area to share services, and worship and fellowship together.

Carrigrohane Union of Parishes. Three Churches.  The Church of Ireland Parishes around Carrigrohane, Ballincollig, Inniscarra & Blarney in Co. Cork, Ireland.

Interestingly, it is that it is not just a bunch of old ladies (as some would presume), but it is men as well.

And not just the oldies.  The ages ranged from 8 years to probably 80 years, with a fair amount of young and middle aged sprinkled amongst the group of around 30 people.

And it is not just a mix of male and female, but a coming together of different people in the greater area, and most excited – of all denominations!!

The Catholics with the Anglicans, the Assembly of God and other religions are here.

All because the want to see Unity and Love.

To me, Ireland is paving the way to knock down the walls of judgement, and to build the foundation of a a shared faith in God.

In particular this night represented women’s life in Egypt.

So with a little creativity by the co-ordinator, the baptismal font became the well.

The ladies dressed to represent modern and traditional women of Egypt.

Creative, and at times quite funny.

At the back you can see Reverend Robert Ferris.

He dressed with style and flair as he portrayed Jesus.

The whole idea of the night was that everyone who came could be involved in some way.

And many, (not all) did.

So with their gentle Irish lilt, they read words about Egypt!

In the midst of the meeting came my turn.

I was able to share about our journey around the world so far.

To talk about how we have been able to help the poor, the needy, the lame and those placed on our hearts to help.

I don’t often get to do any public speaking, and so now it came time for the Australian accent to blend it’s way into the meeting.

I enjoyed the chance to share how I have seen small things change lives.

I do hope I get back to meet these lovely people again one day.

Ireland is the place that originally sent out so many to help around the world.

Now as years have passed, beautiful churches remain with small congregations, and they would love support, visits, help and input from people across the world.   They may be small in number, but they are great in faith.

And they are showing the world that we can be one.

Thank you for giving me the chance to share with you.

Because you shared with me!

If you are in the area, they would love you to visit:

Please contact their web-site:

or Facebook:

Main Address: Carrigrohane Parish Office, Church HIll, Carrigrohane, Cork, Co. Cork, Ireland

+ 353 (0)21 4877260

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  1. Too true Paul – I must have had the “gift of the gab” that night. I think they are showing the world a thing or two!

  2. Hello; thanks for sharing your journey with us. you mentioned your australian accent, well i have a texan one and look forward to traveling more soon myself. It is a wonderful ideal to have so many faiths ages and nationalities represented in one congregation. Makes me wonder if this wasn’t what is meant by the one true church. take care out there, Max
    maxwell ivey recently posted…3rd time was the charm: I’m now a “hangout on air” masterMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the kind words. We will continue to explore the world and hope you follow our journey. There is a subscribe button on the right of the blog if you would like to follow our journey.

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