Last days in Hawaii. Visit Pearl Harbor – from a child’s viewpoint

Last days in Hawaii. Visit Pearl Harbor

– from a child’s viewpoint –

We arrive in Honolulu and have booked some accommodation through Craigslist. It is a high-rise building on the 36th floor with a mid-way glass balcony, which instantly makes me nervous! The room really is B grade and barely clean enough for my liking and has a few chipped plates, and the pans don’t look too clean.

I am tired and he has my credit card and I feel a bit stuck.
So I figure out that the $100 a night is cheap for here, and all we will do is sleep – forget the cooking. Booking accommodation online is proving not so flash for me!
But it has a very hot spa and I do like that!
The lights in the hills are just lovely. The pool is freezing, so I leave that to my seven-year old son to enjoy.
We have been living with one small bag of clothes for the past week, and I had left the bulk of our luggage at the home of the Couch-surfing family. I cannot wait to throw these clothes out. Travelling with the same clothes is super boring. However, a travel tip is to go to Wall-mart or just buy souvenir t-shirts. Here in Hawaii, they are only $3-$4 each.
Next day we meet our new friend, who has managed to work out how to use our international sim card in our phones – quite tricky! We enjoy lunch at famous Duke’s right on Waikiki. The food here is great – I highly recommend it, but there is a long wait to get in.
The next day we have arranged to meet our Couch-surfing friends. My son has discovered some new kids books and uses the time to read. Travel tip: Hotels, lobbies, some cafes, and yacht clubs etc all have a ‘swap book area’. You can leave your used ones, and replenish your supplies. An ideal way to save $$.
We head for Pearl Harbor. There is a lot to see and learn here, and an educational day as well.

Attraction Name: Pearl Harbor Memorial

Location:  1 Arizona Memorial Place, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818

Telephone:   (808) 422-3300

email: n/a


Child-friendly: Yes


Some displays allow kids to touch, feel and play. Like this old divers helmet.
When you get there, you book your tour as you have to go by boat to the site where SS Arizona sunk. You are taken into a picture theatre before that. There, we watched a movie and learnt a lot. Our friend’s 4-year old knows so much about Pearl Harbor. So he teaches my son.
As we walk around the memorial it is very sobering and quiet. It is amazing to see tiny drops of oil still bubbling to the surface. They say this is the sea crying for the dead.
We are dropped back with our bags and need to pack for mainland USA. We decide to head to Waikiki to see the sunset. Some guy puts his birds on me on the street and takes a photo. I tell him to get them off as my shirt is wet at the back – poop!!!
As the sun sets, we meet some Australians from the Pearl Harbor tour
who take our photo.
My son enjoys watching the hula dancer.
As we walk back, my son strips off and runs through the synchronised fountain. Of course the Japanese love this and stop to take his photo. It is lovely, as people smile as they see his joy. Oh to be free as a child!
We finish up with dinner at the Big Kahuna. Don’t personally recommend the food,
but it was a great place to just sit by the windows and watch people.
We are ready to say goodbye to Hawaii. My wallet is especially ready to say goodbye to Hawaii. Tomorrow we will be in mainland USA, California.
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